The Edinburgh 10k

By June 3, 2014News

Every year, we head to Edinburgh for the end of May holidays to visit good friends. And every year since 2010, the weather has been tropical. We seem to be the only people that have photos of us outside Edinburgh Castle wearing singlets, shorts, flip-flops and holding ice creams. And as always, every year we have copious amounts of great beer, great wine and great food. We decided it had to stop. Our fitness was seriously flagging. Enough with the decadent visits…we decided to register in the Edinburgh 10k.

We drove up from Cambridge to Edinburgh for a 6am wake-up call. Ugh. The weather was pretty awful on the way up – sideways rain and wind, but the wind died down and it was just overcast and a bit wet. Perfect running conditions! We took our places in our respective pens and away we went.


I should have checked the course first. Most of the 10k’s I enter are local to me in Cambridge, which is as flat as a tack.

The first kilometre was pretty straight-forward. Everyone got into their running mojo. I saw some people from Omobono that came up for the marathon the next day, which was great and a jumped of course for a few seconds to give them a big hug. But then OMG, we started going up and up and up. The course was heading right around Holyrood Park – we ran about 100m in elevation from 1.5k marker to the 4k marker. It was bloody tough, but WOW, what an amazing view. I took a few pics with my iPhone whilst running (the one above was the nicest and one without blur). We ran right around the middle of the mountain, it kinda slinghooked us out the other side, then we made the quick descent back down.


The 4k to 8.5k was a lovely run through the back end of Edinburgh, and I found it the nicest pace and easiest run I’ve ever done. I even started to completely understand why people get totally obssessed with running! But then another sharp ascent and it threw me. My calfs were already burning from the massive hill at the start, and my pace slowed right down. I know Edinburgh fairly well and I got horrible disorientated. I couldn’t recognise where the heck we were and I was worried I wouldn’t make it to the finish line without stopping…but there it was! I ran 1 hr 5 mins. Still 5 mins off running a 10k under 1 hour, which is my mission so I’m on the lookout for another one. Maybe without the mountain this time!