Nail Typography

By February 15, 2015Design

This month I have been piecing together a ‘brandzine’ for DAIS called Rubber Brands. The Creative Director suggested using nail typography and try to cleverly integrate this in some way for the cover. It took a few days to figure out the best execution for this…the options were quite limitless once I started researching this style on Pintrest and the rest of the internet. Almost all of the type of nail typography I discovered was using string, so the challenge to actually use small loom rubber bands was another obstacle to consider.


I used 960 nails and approximately 1,000 small rubber bands to complete this bit of work – I found the whole process rather therapeutic in a way! The end piece is awesome and has made exactly the impact I was after. The idea of this is also to have lovely double-page spread images throughout the book in interesting places around Brisbane – a ‘positive distruption’.